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Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure In accordance with Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice. AZB has the following complaints procedure:

AZB complaints process has three levels.

At level 1 the complaint will be dealt with by a Customer Services Agent.

At Level 2 the complaint will be reviewed and handled by the Head of Customer Services or a deputy in his absence.

At level 3 the complaint will be dealt with by AZB’S Legal Department.

AZB accepts complaints from its customers via email, live chat/instant message or telephone.

Please note that some customers may wish to raise complaints via social media platforms. However such complaints will not be immediately handled under our complaints process and we would direct customers to our Customer Services team in the first instance.

Please note that customers who wish to raise a complaint via email must include “complaint” as the subject line. 

AZB cannot be held responsible for failing to acknowledge a customer complaint within 24 hours of the email being sent if the subject line is not clearly stated “complaint”.

We aim to resolve your complaint on your first contact. When contact is made with our Customer Services team one of our trained and experienced agents will endeavor to reach a mutual and reasonable solution.  

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss any concerns with you and our aim is to help you resolve the issue at first point of contact if possible.

Escalation to a Formal Complaint If we cannot agree on a resolution then the issue will be considered a “formal complaint”.  AZB will provide customers with an acknowledgment of their complaint within 24 hours of the point when the complaint was received, whenever possible this will include a reference number to be used in all correspondence relating to the complaint. 

The customer may be requested to send AZB documentation as supporting evidence for the complaint in question. AZB ensures that the entire complaints process, including any internal escalation, takes no longer than eight weeks from when the customer’s complaint is received.

AZB may depart from this eight-week time-limit if the customer fails to engage with the complaints process in a timely manner. For example, where a customer fails to respond to a reasonable request for information, AZB will ‘stop the clock’ until such time as the customer responds when the ‘clock’ will be restarted. If the complaint is not resolved within eight weeks, or Lottoland’s complaints process reaches the end without resolution before eight weeks, AZB will write to the customer with a Complaint Closure Notification which will explain how to escalate their complaint to an independent ADR entity if they wish to do so. AZB customers may raise complaints for a period of six months from the date of the incident in question. 

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