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How do I open a new account?

To open a new player account please follow the below steps:

Opening a new player account is a very simple process following the steps below

  1. Once on the home page select the “Register” word/icon in the upper right hand corner of the pag
  2. Complete the form shown. You will need to enter the following details: Name, Email address, Password, Date of birth, Phone Number and Country of Residence
  3. Once all details have been entered click on the button labeled “Register” to confirm the creation of your new account.

It is saying my email address has already been used? 

Receiving this means that there is already a Player Account registered to the e-mail address. Please use this account in the future when submitting any new bets. If you have forgotten your password please enter your e-mail address in the sign-in section and select the ‘Forgotten’ button located in the password field. You will be asked to re-enter your email address to confirm where the message needs to be sent.

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